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We love theater of the mind, particularly those old time radio shows from the golden age of radio, the 1920s through the 1950s. We got tired of having to tote our radio archive around with us and decided to launch a free streaming audio service for ourselves and everyone else who loves old time radio shows.

We just launched this site in beta and are still working through our list of bugs and features we want to add, so please be patient and let us know if anything is totally broken (use the question mark icon in the top right of the window).

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We need your help! Help us correct any errors/omissions in our database of show/episode entries, add audio files we don't have, and/or help us cover our costs (hosting/bandwidth). Get in touch! (And just to repeat, we don't charge any money for the site, make almost nothing on ads, and hosting/bandwidth costs can be a couple hundred a month; so, donations are very, very gratefully received! Contact us via the question mark at the top right of the screen.


This site is only possible because many old time radio fans have devoted thousands and thousands of hours of their time finding lost audio recordings, digitizing and cleaning them up, searching through digital and physical archives of old newspapers to find and document radio show listings, and working together across the internet to collect and organize global databases of radio show logs. They deserve our deep and profound gratitude. Our site blends the data and audio from a number of these generous people. We wish we knew everyone responsible so we could thank each and every one, but their contributions have spanned decades and filtered through many hands to make their way to us. So, we will start by acknowledging and thanking those who have helped us most directly and indirectly.

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We support and abide by copyright restrictions and the DMCA. The audio files linked to on this site are believed to be in the public domain, either because the copyrights have expired or because the content was never copyrighted. We have and will remove audio content which is proven to still be under copyright. We do not charge for access to this site. If you believe we have linked to copyrighted material please contact us and provide appropriate ownership proof and we'll remove those links.