Recollections At 30

May 15, 1956 to April 24, 1957
45 episodes known to exist
Recollections At 30 was a radio show which ran from May 15, 1956 to April 24, 1957.
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Radio series often ran for multiple seasons and/or through many incarnations with different radio networks, sponsors, cast/crew, and revivals after many years.
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May 15, 1956 - April 24, 1957
Recollections At 30
Recollections At 30
May 15, 1956 - April 24, 1957
45 episodes known to exist
Host: Ed Herlihy ANNOUNCER
Air Date
May 15, 1956 
Audition Show 

June 20, 1956 
Premiere Show 
Radio City Party; Clara, Lu and Em; Fred Allen with Don McNeil; Carnera-Baer fight with Grahan McNemee; Information Please; Coffee and Doughnuts 

June 27, 1956 
Nbc Minstrels 
The NBC Minstrels with Gene Arnold and Vance McKuen. Easy Aces, Al Jolson and Maxie Rosenbloom on "Shell Chateau." Major Bowes' Original Amateur Hour. Leslie Howard and his daughter Ruth in a dramatic excerpt written by Sir James Barrie. Graham McNamee introduces Rosa Ponselle 1933. 

July 4, 1956 
Rudy Vallee, Clark & Mccullough, Lum & Abner 
Rudy Vallee sings on "The Fleischmann Hour" 7-4-35. Clark and McCullough make their first radio appearance, Lum and Abner appear with Frances Langford. An excerpt from "Town Hall Tonight" with Fred Allen and Portland Hoffa. Tom Coakley and His Orchestra: band remote from The Mural Room of The Hotel St. Francis, San Francisco 1936. Al Jolson on "Shell Chateau." 

July 11, 1956 
Truth Or Consequences 
"Truth Or Consequences" with Ralph Edwards 1940. Bob Burns and Bing Crosby on "The Kraft Music Hall" 5-37. Douglas Williams interviews Jesse Owens 8-36. The De Marco Sisters sing on "The Professional Parade" 12-16-36. Tom Howard and George Shelton joke on "The Rudy Vallee Show" 7-4-35. 

July 18, 1956 
The Chase and Sanborn Hour 
"The Chase and Sanborn Hour" with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, W. C. Fields, Don Ameche, Mary Boland. Little Jack Little sings (1936). "Vox Pop" with Parks Johnson and Jerry Belcher (January, 1936). Al Pearce and His Gang: Tizzie Lish gives a recipe for upside down cake. Ben Bernie introuces eight year old Bobby Breen, who sings. Dixie Lee Crosby on "The Shell Chateau." Includes 5 minutes of news at end 

July 25, 1956 
Gene & Glen (aka: Jake & Lena) 
Gene and Glen (also known as "Jake and Lena") sing. Jack Benny, Kate Smith, Harry Von Zell, and Abe Lyman on "The Jack Benny Show" (1938). Ken Christy and The Tap Dancing Minstrels on, "The NBC Minstrels." "The Goodwill Hour" with John J. Anthony. Fibber McGee and "The Old-Timer," Ben Bernie and His Orchestra, vocal by Frank Prince (1935). Includes 5 minutes of news at end 

August 1, 1956 
The Crash of the Hindenburg 
Herbert Morrison describes the crash of the Hindenburg (1937), Frank Crumit and Julia Sanderson on "The Blackstone Plantation Party." Phil Baker with "Beetle and Bottle" (1935). Parker Fennelly and Arthur Allen on "Snow Village Sketches." Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra band remote with vocals by Frank Sinatra and Jo Stafford. 

August 8, 1956 
Recreate Highlights of a Single Day - Friday, March 4, 1938 
1. Amos and Andy with guest: Walter Huston. Run out of gas, stop at house (Huston), in mountains (peace and quiet). 2. Citrus Service Concert with Frank Black Orchestra "By, By, By". 3. Duet with Lucille Manners and Robert Simmons. 4. Southern California Flood - special weather report covered by Ben Gage form airplane. 5. Waltz Time with Abe Lyman (Dance Idol of America). 6. Jimmy Fidler, Your Hollywood Reporter on Greta Garbo's weight loss. 7. Remote Band Pickup with Blue Baron from NYC Hotel Edison - Green Room 

August 15, 1956 
A & P Gypsies, Pick & Pat 
The A & P Gypsies 1933, Pick & Pat 1934, Eddie Cantor, Father Coughlin 2-6-38, Rudy Vallee, Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyons, Deanna Durbin. 

August 29, 1956 
Labor Day 
Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, Ed Wynn, Nelson Eddy, Franklyn Deleno Roosevelt, Walter Damerisch, Sisters of the Skillet, Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street, Dinah Shore "I'm Comin' Virginia" Show of 8-22 Pre-Empted for political convention coverage 

September 5, 1956 
Bon Voyage to King George Vi 
From 6-11-39 broadcast. Hostess: Gertrude Lawrence, Ray Noble Orchestra, Basil Rathbone, Vivian Leigh, Sir Cedric Hardwyck, Nigel Bruce, Greer Garson, Leslie Howard, Brian Aherne, George M. Cohen 

September 12, 1956 
Mary Martin's First Major Radio Appearance 
Mary Martin's first radio appearance on "The Rudy Vallee Fleischmann Variety Hour" 2-39. Milton Berle on "The Rudy Vallee Show" 6-4-36. Eleanor Powell on "The Magic Key" 1935. John Barrymore on "NBC's Streamlined Shakespeare." Fats Waller on "The Rudy Vallee Show" 1936. 

September 19, 1956 
Abdictation of King Edward Viii 
Ruth Etting sings "You" from "Magic Key" program 6-36. King Edward VIII abdicates 12-11-36. The Revelers with Frank Black and His Orchestra sing, "Mah Lindy Lou." Frank Crumit and Julia Sanderson in "The Battle Of The Sexes." Julia sings, "In a Park In Paree In The Spring." Frank sings, "You're Devastating." Eddie Cantor satirizes John J. Anthony and "The Court Of Human Relations" 1941. Cheerio 1937. 

September 26, 1956 
Light's Out 
Vincent Lopez Orchestra 1938, Lights Out: Boris Karloff in "Cat Wife" 1938, Freddy Rich and His Orchestra with vocal by Buddy Clark October 23, 1936, Colonel Stoopnagle, Graham McNamee describes the Normandie disaster, The Contented Hour 1938. 

October 3, 1956 
Light's Out 
Jane, Ellen and Patty Pickens (Pickens Sisters) on "The Magic Key" January, 1936. Joe Cook on the Rudy Vallee Show 3-7-39. Jeanette MacDonald and Allyn Jones in "The Firefly" 11-37. Dorothy Thompson comments on the Fair Labors Act 10-24-38. Georgia Gibbs on "Melody Puzzle" 10-24-38. Richard Himberg's Orchestra 

October 10, 1956 
The Big Bands 
Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge, 1935. Glenn Miller from Carnegie Hall, 1939 with Marion Hutton. "Inside Story of a Jitterbug". "Manhatton Marry-Go-Round" with Melton Cross. Bing Crosby from 1937 "Music Hall". Glenn Miller plays "Danny Boy." Benny Goodman plays "'Tain't What Ya Do, It's The Way How Ya Do It" from 1935. Fred Parsons substitutes for Ed Herlihy as host. 

October 17, 1956 
Judy Garland At 12-Years-Old 
Fanny Brice "My Man", Joe Penner, Ginger Rogers, Mickey Rooney, Brenda & Cobina, Judy Garland at 12-years-old 10-12-35 

October 24, 1956 
Sophie Tucker, Vic & Sade, Al Jolson 
Sophie Tucker, Vic and Sade, Al Jolson, Ben Bernie 

October 31, 1956 
Songwriters Tribute 
Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan 

November 7, 1956 
Veterans Day - Wars From the Past 
Tallulah Bankhead reads letter sent by Abraham Lincoln. Meredith Willson Orchestra plays on a program honoring Veterans Day. George M. Cohan sings, "Over There" on "The Magic Key" 1937. The bugler that sounded the Armistice at the end of the first World War is heard. Songs from "Eileen," as heard on "The American Album Of Familar Music" sung by Frank Munn, Jean Dickenson, Elizabeth Lenox, The Buckingham Choir, Milton Cross. Madame Ernestine Schumann-Heinck speaks about radio and war, 11-35. 

November 14, 1956 
Edgar Bergen and Charlie Mccarthy Debut 
Judy Garland (12-years-old) introduced by Wallace Beery on Shell Chateau 11-16-35. Rudy Vallee introduces Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy for the first time on "The Fleischmann Hour" 1936. Jean Sablon sings, "Parlez Moi D'Amour" on "The Magic Key" 1937. "The Tune Detective" (Sigmund Spaeth) discusses "Say It Isn't So" 11-16-35. John McCormack sings "Danny Boy" 11-36. 

November 21, 1956 
Town Hall Tonight 
Jack Benny - Fred Allen feud. Fred Allen, Jack Benny and Portland Hoffa on "Town Hall Tonight" 1937. Helen Kane sings. Rudy Vallee, Gloria Grafton and Richard Rodgers sing songs from "Jumbo," on "The Fleischmann Variety Hour" 1935. Fred MacMurray and Dorothy Lamour sing 1938. 

November 28, 1956 
?? Title Unknown ?? 

December 5, 1956 
Children's Programs 
Professor Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten (December, 1936), Fanny Brice and Teddy Bergman as Baby Snooks and Daddy. Ireene Wicker, "The Singing Lady." Dr. Walter Damrosch's Music Appreciation Hour. Alan Reed (billed as Teddy Bergman), 

December 12, 1956 
Connecticut River Valley Flood of 1936 
Lanny Ross on The Maxwell House Showboat sings "Dream Lover." Jack Pearl and Rudy Vallee on "The Rudy Vallee Show." Floyd Gibbons describes the Connecticut River Valley Flood of 1936. Carmen Miranda sings two songs 1939, Art Tatum on "The Magic Key" 1935, John Barrymore, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy on The Chase and Sanborn Hour. 

December 19, 1956 
Red Skelton Debut 
Cliff Edwards (Ukelele Ike) 1933 "Only a Paper Moon". First radio appearance of Red Skelton on the Rudy Vallee Show 8-37. Gloria Swanson sings 1936. Walter Huston and the cast of "Knickerbocker Holiday sings "September Song" 10-27-38 on the Rudy Vallee Show. Dick Powell sings "The Lullaby of Broadway" from "Golddiggers of 1935" 

December 26, 1956 
June 11, 1927 Broadcast Day 
Graham MacNamee introduces Charles Lindbergh returning from Paris. President Coolidge awards the Flying Cross to Lindbergh. The first coast to coast radio transmission with 50 stations networked. Charles Lindbergh at the National Press Club. The Clicquot Club Eskimos (June, 1927). BF Goodrich Silvertown Cord Orchestra, with a vocal by The Silver Masked Tenor (June, 1927). George Olsen and His Orchestra, vocal by Billy Murray. 

January 2, 1957 
Ladies Night 
Ethel Merman sings "Heat Wave" 1938. Judith Tuvim (Judy Holliday) with The Revuers 1940. Bea Wain sings "My Reverie" with Larry Clinton's Band 1938. Martha Rae & Cary Grant 1936. Grace Moore sings "One Night Alone." Judy Canova sings "St. Louis Blues" with her brother Zeke and her sister Annie...Hillbilly style. Ginny Simms sings "I'll Never Smile Again" with Kay Kyser and His Orchestra 1938. 

January 9, 1957 
Speed Reading Contest 
Gene Autry sings "Tumbling Tumble Weeds" 1937. First radio appearance of Tommy Riggs & Betty Lou on "The Rudy Vallee Show" 8-5-37. Lillian Roth sings 1937. The fast-talking contest on "The Rudy Vallee Show" between Ben Grauer, Graham McNamee, and Milton Cross. First radio appearance of Tom Dorsey and His Orchestra, with a vocal by Cliff Weston on "The Magic Key" 11-3-35. 

January 16, 1957 
?? Title Unknown ?? 

January 23, 1957 
?? Title Unknown ?? 

January 30, 1957 
Irene Dunne, Joan Davis, Ben Blue, Wrong Way Corrigan 
Irene Dunne sings "Lovely To Look At" 1935. Joan Davis stuttering on "Shell Chateau" 1936 with Ben Blue. Wrong Way Corrigan 7-18-38. Ed Herlihy introduces himself introducing Vaughn de Leath in 1936, The Ipana Troubadors, with Sam Lanin conducting 1929. Tony Wons and His Scrapbook, Russ Columbo sings "Auf Wiedersehen." 

February 6, 1957 
American Album of Familiar Music 
Frank Munn from "American Album Of Familiar Music," Bertrand Hirsch and His Magic Violin and Milton Cross 06/1938. Ethel Barrymore on "The Fleischmann Variety Hour." Barry Wood sings with Mark warnow and His Orchestra on "Your Hit Parade" 1942. Will Rogers (or an imitator). Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians, with vocal by Tom Waring 1928. Barry Wood, Bert Hirsch, 

February 13, 1957 
Abraham Lincoln 
Raymond Massey on "The Rudy Vallee Show" (1938) does the conclusion of " Abe Lincoln In Illinois." Alexander Woollcott speaks about the Gettysburg Address on "The Magic Key" (February 12, 1939) Series name is shortened to just "Recollections" from this point on. 

February 20, 1957 
Jessica Dragonette, Helen Hayes, Perry Como, the Stroud Twins 
Jessica Dragonette sings on "The Cities Service Concert (February, 1936), Helen Hayes and Vincent Price in a scene from "Victoria Regina" (June, 1937). Ted Weems and His Orchestra, with a vocal by Perry Como, appear on Fibber McGee and Molly (November, 1936). The first appearance on network radio of The Stroud Twins, introduced by Rudy Vallee on "The Rudy Vallee Show." Al Jolson on "Shell Chateau" (August 1935). 

February 27, 1957 
Harriet Hilliard, Bob Burns, Bunny Barrigan 
Harriet Hilliard on "Shell Chateau" (November, 1935), Bob Burns' second appearance on "The Rudy Vallee Show" (July 11, 1935), Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra on "The Magic Key" (1937), Elsie Janis on "The Magic Key" (1939), Gene Raymond sings (1936). 

March 6, 1957 
Dinah Shore's Debut 
Dinah Shore's first appearance on "The Eddie Cantor Show" 10-2-40. Charles Laughton broadcasts from London 11-15-36. Wynn Murray and Ray Heatherton on "The Rudy Vallee Show" 4-37. Smith Ballew interviews Babe Didrikson Zaharias 1936. John Boles sings, Sir Harry Lauder sings 1929. 

March 13, 1957 
Happy St. Patrick's Day 
Rudy Vallee introduces John McCormack 1938. Beatrice Lillie 1935. The Silver Masked Tenor 1926. The arrival of the swallows at Capistrano, Padrewski's first radio appearance 9-25-38 on "The Magic Key," Morton Downey 1938. St. Patrick's Day Program 

March 20, 1957 
Connee Boswell, Franklin D. Roosevelt induction as President, Richard Crooks on "The Voice Of Firestone" is introduced by Alois Havrilla. Mary Lou (Muriel Wilson) sings on "The Maxwell House Showboat," as does Molasses and January, Ed Wynn and Graham McNamee, Frances Langford, Charles Winninger, Molasses and January. Show goes from 25 minutes to 30 minutes 

March 27, 1957 
Pending Attack by Japan, 12-1-1935 
Edwin C. Hill warning of pending attact by Japan, 12-1, 1935, Arthur Tracy, The Street Singer (1934), Nellie Revel appears on her program, "Neighbor Nell" (1936). Sigmund Romberg, Deems Taylor, and June Walker on "The Swift Studio Party" (1936), Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Don Wilson, Johnny Green, and Kenny Baker (first appearance on "The Jack Benny Show," November 3, 1935). Jesse Crawford plays the new WMAQ pipe organ (March 1, 1936). 

April 3, 1957 
Tribute to H.V. Kaltenborn 
Mary Margaret McBride, Chet Huntley, Eddie Cantor 

April 10, 1957 
Information Please 
Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, vocal by The Rhythm Boys 1928, Greta Garbo and Lionel Barrymore in a scene from "Camille" from 1936 film sound track. Shirley Temple sings "On The Good Ship Lollypop," from the film sound track. Bill "Bojangles" Robinson on "Shell Chateau" 1-2-37. Marian Anderson's radio debut on "The Magic Key" with Milton Cross 2-2-36. The first broadcast of "Information Please," Clifton Fadiman and announcer Howard Claney are heard 5-17-38. The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks 1926. 

April 17, 1957 
Irving Berlin Tribute 
Mayor Jimmy Walker introducing Irving Berlin on 1939 broadcast, who sings "Alexander's Rag-Time Band," "God Bless America." Al Jolson, Arthur Fields, John Steele, Von Delese, Louis James, Henry Bird, Paul Whiteman's Sextet, Franklin Bower, Morton Downey, Emmet Henshaw, Singing Sam, Frank Parker & The A & P Gypsies, Ethel Waters, Clifton Webb (Easter Parade), 

April 24, 1957 
?? Title Unknown ??