The Six Shooter

July 15, 1953 to June 24, 1954
40 episodes known to exist
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Radio series often ran for multiple seasons and/or through many incarnations with different radio networks, sponsors, cast/crew, and revivals after many years.
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July 15, 1953 - June 24, 1954
The Six Shooter
The Six Shooter
July 15, 1953 - June 24, 1954
40 episodes known to exist
Stars: James Stewart as Britt Poncet.
Director: Jack Johnstone MUSIC
Air Date
July 15, 1953 
Audition Show 
With a personal message by James Stewart in the middle and end trying to sell the program. Bill Conrad. Script used again in episode 7. 

September 20, 1953 
D.J. Thompson, Jess Kirkpatrick, George Neece, Harry Bartell. Jenny, a homely woman, takes a wounded outlaw into her home. She protects him from the sheriff until the outlaw eventually dies of his wounds. 

September 27, 1953 
The Coward 
Michael Anne Barrett, Herb Ellis, Howard McNear, Will Wright. Former gunman Will Peter, at his wife's request, promises never to use his weapon again. Unfortunately, Noah Temple is trying to take away the Peter ranch and Will is having trouble keeping his promise. 

October 4, 1953 
The Stampede 
Lou Merrill, James McCallion. Britt and the McAdams Brothers are driving a cattle herd to Abilene. Ryfe, the older brother, finds a loveletter from his wife addresed to the younger brother Norman, and seeks revenge by starting a stampede in Norman's direction. 

October 11, 1953 
Silver Annie 
Jeanette Nolan, Dan O'Herlihy, Herb Vigran, Robert Griffin, Parley Baer. Virtue City is a dying town trying to revive itself by running a railroad through its center. Complications arise when Silver Annie refuses to give up her property in the name of progress. 

October 18, 1953 
Rink Larkin 
Sammy Ogg, Russell Thorsen, Tony Barrett. Young Rink is looking for his father. He discovers that his father, recently killed in a bank robbery attempt, was an outlaw. 

October 25, 1953 
Red Lawson's Revenge 
Shirley Mitchell, Leone Ledoux, Paul Richards, Barney Phillips. This episode was written by Les Crutchfield. Red Lawson seeks revenge believing that Dan Mayler has killed his brother. 

November 1, 1953 
Ben Scofield 
Parley Baer, James McCallion, Herb Vigran, Bill Conrad. Britt and Sheriff Ed Scofield track down an outlaw whose description matches that of Ed's son Ben. This was the same script used in the audition. 

November 8, 1953 
The Capture of Stacy Gault 
Eleanore Audley, Barney Phillips, Forrest Lewis, Parley Baer. The townspeople of Elkpoint are alarmed because the outlaw Stacy Gault is rumored to be heading their way. A Lone rider shows up and the posse wants to hang him on the spot. 

November 15, 1953 
Escape From Smoke Falls 
Jaenette Nolan, Frank Gerstle, Robert Griffin, Forrest Lewis, Sam Edwards. Two young bidders for the lunch basket and affection of a young woman are forced to put aside their rivalry in the pursuit of an outlaw killer. 

November 22, 1953 
Gabriel Starbuck 
Herb Vigran, John Stephenson, Lamont Johnson, Del McKennon, Bill Johnstone. The town feels that Old Gabe is too old to continue as sheriff. But how to tell him when it means depriving him of his life's work. 

November 29, 1953 
Sheriff Billy 
James McCallion, Ken Christy, Howard McNear, Alan Reed. Young Billy Riddle takes a job as sheriff and hopes to find his long lost father. He discovers that Ben Reed, the outlaw, is in fact his father. 

December 6, 1953 
A Pressing Engagement 
Barbara Eiler, Virginia Gregg, Bill Johnstone, Sam Edwards, Herb Vigran. Rumors are all over town that Britt is about to marry Helen Flint. 

December 13, 1953 
More Than Kin 
Michael Anne Barrett, Tony Barrett, Ted Bliss, Marvin Miller, Dan O'Herlihy. Britt turns actor in order to help out a couple of his actor friends. 

December 20, 1953 
Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol 
Howard McNear, Richard Beals, Sam Edwards, Eleanore Audley. A young boy runs away from home and meets Britt on the trail. Britt tells the boy the Dicken's Christmas Carol with a western slant and style. The boy returns home a believer in Christmas. One of the best shows in the series. Christmas Program 

December 27, 1953 
Cora Plummer Quincy 
Virginia Gregg, Jean Tatum, Robert Griffin, Parley Baer, Bert Holland. Calvin Plummer is upset over his mother's recent marriage just ten months after the death of his father. 

January 3, 1954 
A Friend in Need 
Shepard Menken, Bill Johnstone, Frank Gerstle, Howard McNear. Britt meets his old friend Art Hemper who is accused of killing his step brother. Although he denys the murder, Brett later finds out that Art has lied to him, so he has to track down and bring him in. 

January 10, 1954 
Hiram's Goldstrike 
Herb Vigran, Bill Johnstone, Barney Phillips, Tony Barrett, Howard McNear. Old Hiram strikes gold and survives a robbery with the help of Britt. 

January 17, 1954 
The Silver Buckle 
Eleanore Audley, Forrest Lewis, Bill Conrad, Joe Cranston, Frank Gerstle. Two train bandits kill a passenger and rob him of his money and his silver buckled belt. They later meet Britt and pose as lawmen. Britt discovers the truth and ends their careers as outlaws. 

January 24, 1954 
Helen Bricker 
Lillian Buyeff, Ken Christy, Herb Vigran, Parley Baer, Will Wright. The whole town truns against Helen Bricker when she marries a wild killer outlaw. 

January 31, 1954 
Trail to Sunset 
Robert Griffin, Harry Bartell, Lamont Johnson, Howard McNear, Forrest Lewis. Britt sees that Ace Tressler is trying to steal his horse. He shoots Ace in self defense. Tressler is dying from a bullet in the back received during a hold-up and murder at the bank. Meanwhile the posse has lynched the wrong man and now must deal with a guilty conscience. 

February 7, 1954 
Apron Faced Sorrel 
Bill Johnstone, Bert Holland, Sam Edwards. Clay Fenton is sent to Jeff Poindexter's ranch for the summer. Clay attempts to ride the apron faced sorrel and is thrown. He beats the horse and later admits he is afraid of the them. Britt's horse car converts the boy. 

February 14, 1954 
Quiet City 
Virginia Gregg, Robert Griffin, Lamont Johnson, Will Wright. Hack, the elderly sheriff of quiet city, wants his son to replace him. He fears the town is still wild underneath the surface. The son feels that times have changed and he wants to go to law school. The arrest of a killer necessitates a trial and a resolution. 

February 21, 1954 
Battle At Tower Rock 
Les Tremayne, Jess Kirkpatrick, Bill Johnstone, Virginia Gregg, Eleanore Audley. Britt is forced to be a judge at the Franklin County Fair and hopes to bring together two feuding families. 

March 7, 1954 
Cheyenne Express 
Frank Gerstle, Herb Vigran, Barney Phillips, Paul Richards. Wilbur English shoots another gang member in the back. He boards a train for Cheyenne in an attempt to escape the wrath of the other gang members. Show of 2-28 Pre-Empted 

March 14, 1954 
Thicker Than Water 
Shirley Mitchell, Dick Beals, Barney Phillips, Robert Griffin. Gambler Gus Procter returns after eight years to learn that his wife has died. His son Ted is being raised by an aunt who resents Gus and his gambling. At her suggestion, Gus hides his identity. However Ted finds out and wants to follow in his father's footsteps, a prospect Gus does not want, so he again moves on. 

March 21, 1954 
Duel At Lockwood 
Elvia Allman, Sam Edwards, Will Wright, Howard McNear, Bert Holland. Wes Singer is a young gunfighter who wants to enhance his reputation by killing Brit Poncet. Rather than embarasse his friend the sheriff who is not capable of stopping the fight, Britt intercepts Singer outside of town. 

April 1, 1954 
Aunt Ema 
Eleanore Audley, William Johnstone. Britt's Aunt Ema comes to settle down with him in Powdercreek. SCHEDULE CHANGE: Show moves to thurdays. 

April 8, 1954 
General Gillford's Widow 
Virginia Gregg, PArley Baer, Robert Griffin. The town thinks that General Gillford has died a hero. However Britt meets his widow and later the general himself who as it truns out has been hiding as a coward for five years. 

April 15, 1954 
Crisis At Easter Creek 
Virginia Gregg, Marvin Miller, Ted DeCorsia, Bill Conrad. Britt has been assigned the task of raising the money for a new church organ in Easter Creek. Easter Program 

April 22, 1954 
Johnny Springer 
Virginia Gregg, Harry Bartell, Parley Baer, Joe Cranston, Barney Phillips. Johnny Stringer shoots and kills the owner of a hotel. Britt and the sheriff track him down and with the help of maria, a girl he has promised to marry, to end his life as a killer. 

April 29, 1954 
Revenge At Harness Creek 
Virginia Gregg, Eleanore Audley, Lamont Johnson, Forrest Lewis, Bert Holland. The sheriff's younger brother is killed after provoking an argument. The killer will only turn himself in to Britt who must take him to the marshall for a fair trial. 

May 6, 1954 
Anna Norquest 
Lillian Buyeff, Bill Johnstone, Lou Merrill, Harry Bartell. Swedish born Anna Norquest comes to Smokefalls to marry her pen pal Peter Calvin. But Calvin has been convicted of a murder and Anna believes he is innocent. 

May 13, 1954 
The Double Seven 
Lamont Johnson, Gerald Mohr, Bob Griffin, Parley Baer, Howard McNear. Britt must calm down the cowboys of the Double-Seven-Ranch who believe that sodbusters are stealing their cattle, then find the real thief. 

May 20, 1954 
The Shooting of Wyatt King 
Bill Johnstone, Herb Vigran, Junius Matthews, Barney Phillips, Joe Cranston. Britt gets credit for capturing Wyatt King who is known as the Wyoming Kid. However Britt wants to see the real hero recognized. 

May 27, 1954 
Blood Relations 
Barbara Eiler, Herb Ellis, Sam Edwards. George Wilcox wants to prevent his sister Veola from eloping with Hunt Coffin, the younger brother of a murderer. Veola gets her way in the end. 

June 3, 1954 
Silver Threads 
Ben Wright, Bert Holland, Will Wright, Barney Phillips. Britt meets a friendly singing cowboy on the trail. He may have robbed and murdered a rancher while singing a song entitled "Silver Threads Amoung the Gold". 

June 10, 1954 
The New Sheriff 
Carlton Young, Del McKennon, Paul Richards, Frank Gerstle, Junius MAtthews. In the Election, the ruthless Roy Cotton opposes Earny the honest blacksmith. However, Britt is elected as a write-in. 

June 17, 1954 
When the Shoe Doesn't Fit 
Barbara Eiler, Eleanore Audley, Sandra Gould, Bill Johnstone, Sam Edwards. Cindy Lou Ames is the much abused daughter in the Ames household. Untill Britt and a peddler conspire to send her to a big rancher's squaredance. All ends happily in the story based loosley upon the popular fairy tale. 

June 24, 1954 
Myra Barker 
Virginia Gregg, D.J. Thompson, Howard McNear, Parley Baer. Britt meets and falls in love with Myra Barker. He asks her to marry him and she accepts. However after much thought Britt realizes that he is by nature a drifter. And so that he will not have to subject Myra to many sleepless nights, he rides away. A fitting conclusion to the final broadcast in the SIX SHOOTER series.